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  1. Julie Lapointe – La Datcha
    Monday 10.31.11

    This is one interesting kind of patchwork!

  2. Alex
    Monday 10.31.11

    They work

  3. Vanessa
    Tuesday 11.01.11

    Love these lists! And think they are not *so* unusual. Just asking me – waht are the gaps for?

  4. Nick Hammond
    Tuesday 11.01.11

    I do stuff like this all the time. Write “to-do” notes to myself, crinkle it up in my pocket, and then toss it somewhere when I’m done.

    It would be awesome to put them all together like you’ve shown here 🙂


  5. {gemmifer}
    Tuesday 11.01.11

    They are wonderful unintentional works of art!

  6. Becky
    Wednesday 11.02.11

    Love Love Love these lists, perfect in every way

  7. Cara
    Saturday 11.05.11

    I’m intrigued by the thought process of ending the page of ‘to do’s’ and starting a new piece of paper. Why did the lists stop at this point and not fill the whole page? What are the blank boxes? serendipitous? all rhetorical questions here, but it becomes more art than list when one stops and ponders. . .

    thanks for sharing!

  8. Jo (Dexterous Diva)
    Saturday 11.05.11

    I loved this post and wrote a response on my blog about to do lists being creative or restrictive. These are beautiful, and works of art!

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