I am on a bit of a jag lately when it comes to my office supplies and tools. Like most of us, I used a regular stapler for the majority of my adult life. But then I came across the ZENITH, with its tiny elegant staples. Look at the difference in size compared to normal staples. Anyway, my stapling experience changed from boredom and often frustration to that of enjoyment. That is saying a lot for a pretty mundane task. I frequently ponder how and why we get attached to tools and functional objects. Sometimes it’s an aesthetic experience. Most often, for me at least, it is dictated by the efficiency and feel of the tool itself. If it works, AND it feels good to use it, then why use anything else. The other factor that looms large for me is the notion of longevity. If the thing feels as though it’s built well and will last the requisite eternity, then I am in.