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  1. Jesse Stevens
    Saturday 11.02.13

    As an eyewear designer and an avid collector of odd bits and pieces these look really interesting. I have several objects from early eyewear production and these look like pre production tooling samples to test the effectiveness of the tool being designed. These tools would go on to be made from steel or aluminium and used for bending, cutting and forming the Acetate. There are some interesting shapes here and I would say that they date from the seventies. The interesting thing would be to see if there is any mention of a specific brand they were being developed for?

  2. stephanie sykes
    Monday 01.20.14

    that attic…?

  3. molly meng
    Saturday 01.25.14


  4. Akash Singh
    Wednesday 09.02.15

    these are quite different
    but they are interesting

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