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  1. Brigid
    Tuesday 01.06.15

    Puuuurrrrfectly lovely!! 🙂

  2. Angie
    Thursday 01.08.15

    Kate is also a dear friend of mine but I have not seen all these beautiful pictures of Violet and think you have a wonderful collection and was delighted to be able to share them

    Thank you

  3. Barbara Spohn
    Friday 01.09.15

    Stunning! Violet’s ears are like flower petals. Bed and armoir picture fooled me…..I was looking for a nose or tail among the bedding before I spotted the beautiful face atop the armoir! I’m Kate’s mother, lucky me.

  4. Marie-Helene
    Wednesday 01.14.15

    Hi- Such lovely photos, these! I particularly like the one of Violet behind some red tulips, in which her ears echo the chevron of the wallpaper. Your friend has a very good eye.
    Thanks for sharing!

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