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  1. Nancy
    Monday 07.14.14

    Handsome Freddie’s! These did liven up a very humid Monday.

  2. Brigid Krane
    Monday 07.14.14

    I love these! As a graphic artist, I always appreciate signage as well. Beautiful photos as well.

  3. Melissa
    Tuesday 07.15.14

    Thanks Nancy and Brigid.

  4. molly
    Tuesday 07.29.14

    i LOVE these. so many great ones, makes me appreciate every letter.

  5. Michelle Lannoo
    Saturday 03.02.19

    Love your collections, photos and point of view.

    • Melissa
      Wednesday 04.17.19

      Thanks Michelle! I need to get back to the blog. I’ve neglected it for far too long.

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