Newest To Do Lists

Wednesday 03.19.14












For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, these to do lists won’t come as any surprise. I just came back from a short family visit in France, and my brother handed me these pages…the latest installment to his growing oeuvre. However, for those of you who are new to Mrs. Easton, please don’t worry. He’s fine. Maybe a little busy. He and his partner run an unusual luxury travel business. Apparently, the devil truly is in the details. For the entire collection so far, go here.

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And Yes, Even MORE To Do Lists

Tuesday 07.17.12

Belated birthday present from my brother and his partner, John. For the full story on these, go here. And to see the rest of them go here, here and here. Thanks guys. Now we need to find you some treatment.

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Yes, More To Do Lists

Monday 10.31.11

I thought these were lost forever. Imagine my joy at finding them sandwiched in between the pages of some soon-to-be-thrown-out magazine. These are my brother and his partner’s to do lists. If you’ve been here for awhile, you may have seen the earlier iterations here, here and here. He has been feeding them to me over the past year or so. I gasp every time I look at them.

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Even More To Do

Wednesday 07.27.11

This is the third installment of my brother’s ongoing to do lists. He and his partner were visiting yesterday and over lunch they handed me a white envelope containing these ten pages. In the digital world these are so incredibly analog. Yeah!!! My brother asked me why I would ever want to post these. I don’t believe they need an explanation.

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A Lot To Do

Thursday 04.07.11

In this era of computer generated type, anything handwritten seems almost like a novelty. So, ever since I first saw one of my brother and his partner’s to do lists, I’ve been begging them to save each and every one of them for me. These guys are really really busy – they travel 8 months a year and run an amazing one-of-a-kind travel company – so it’s no wonder that they have a lot to tackle. Anyway, yesterday I received a Fed Ex delivery from them which, when opened, felt as though I had hit the motherlode: 9 of the most unintentionally beautiful patterns I have seen.

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