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French Paper Rulers

Friday 11.30.12

Few things make me happier than getting “real” mail. So, when Neal, at Present & Correct (one of my favorite blogs and shops!), told me to expect something in the post, I got very excited thinking about what it could possibly be. But then Sandy came and went, and we both assumed that the package became a minor casualty of the storm. Not so fast. I went to my mailbox the other day and found a nice big envelope with these splendid French paper rulers inside. I think the pop out French curve is what makes them so marvelous. Thanks!!

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Eyeglass Drop

Tuesday 08.28.12

This lovely box resides at the local post office up here in Callicoon. Note the combination of serif and sans serif type!! I’m now going to see if there are more of these located in the various branches of the P.O. around and about Sullivan County.

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How It Used To Be

Friday 08.10.12

What email used to look like. I have recently been cleaning out my inbox and organizing all other email. What a monstrous task. I thought I had it all under control, but a few lax weeks, and it all goes to hell.

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Wednesday 06.27.12

I recognize that these boxes, or “tins” as the are more commonly referred to, are mighty familiar, and maybe a little ubiquitous. That doesn’t mean that I like them any less. Besides, who doesn’t love a little potted tongue? Transferware was a product of mid 18th century England (although popular in other parts of Europe as well), and really came into its own during the mid 1800s. All photos and tins from Ruby Lane.

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Wednesday 06.13.12

These erasers are all hard as rocks, so of no use to me or anyone. But I love them all the same. Especially the round Mallat wheel erasers. And, if you are of a certain age, you’ll remember with fondness the ones with the little brushes at the ends.

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Collars & Cuffs

Tuesday 06.05.12

All of these cuff and collar styles probably mean something. And they most certainly say something about the person wearing said shirt. But what? Images from here, and here.

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A.W. Faber: Pencil Pusher

Wednesday 04.11.12

I literally gasped when I saw these lithographed renderings from A.W. Faber’s late 19th century catalog of pencils and other office supplies. The pamphlet cover states that Faber has factories in France and Germany and “houses” in London, Paris and Berlin. But the company address is at 78 Reade Street, right here in NYC. I applaud the University of Houston libraries: another superb digital archive. I came to this collection first via Tom Lynch’s blog Went Sketching. One of his posts then led me to the over-the-top obsessed German pencil-centric blog Lexikaliker. I love the interwebs.

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