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Tuesday 07.03.12

“Lay on Ground, Light Fuse, Retire Quickly” is the first line of the story in the NYT about the sale of George Moyer’s enormous firecracker collection. Moyer is a pyrotechnician and fireman from Pennsylvania, so it stands to reason that he might have an outsized interest in any and all types of explosives. The photos aren’t the best, but that’s the consequence of a massive drag and drop operation. The entire collection was/is online at Morphy’s Auction House. Oh, and Happy Fourth of July!!

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Rhino in Reverse

Monday 05.14.12

The other day The Improvised Life posted this video created by artist Sipho Mabona. There must be an innate fascination with seeing something realtively complex “literally” unfold in reverse.

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A.W. Faber: Pencil Pusher

Wednesday 04.11.12

I literally gasped when I saw these lithographed renderings from A.W. Faber’s late 19th century catalog of pencils and other office supplies. The pamphlet cover states that Faber has factories in France and Germany and “houses” in London, Paris and Berlin. But the company address is at 78 Reade Street, right here in NYC. I applaud the University of Houston libraries: another superb digital archive. I came to this collection first via Tom Lynch’s blog Went Sketching. One of his posts then led me to the over-the-top obsessed German pencil-centric blog Lexikaliker. I love the interwebs.

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And Today We Are Two!

Wednesday 04.04.12

So, as of today Mrs. Easton is two years old!! It doesn’t seem like much, and then again it does. In baby terms, I am now officially a toddler. I started this little venture as a sort of personal diary…for all to see. I only wanted to post images of what I truly loved. And I figured that maybe, if I hewed to my own way of seeing things, others might enjoy the occasional posting here and there. I also told myself that if ever this became a bother instead of a pleasure, then I would summarily pull the plug. Well, I am delighted to report that hasn’t happened. I am particularly grateful (and always delighted) by the kind words of support from Mrs. Easton’s readers!! Happy Birthday.

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A Little More Lego

Monday 03.12.12

Wow, there really is a cult of Lego. It’s fascinating to see what images and ideas tap into our collective memory. Lego is definitely one of them. Image via

I just noticed a fabulous comment, on Swissmiss‘ posting of this image, which is worth repeating. Joanne K. says: “I did some work with Lego some time ago at HQ in Billund Denmark. Did you know that the bounce properties and sound the bricks make when dropped are also copy right protected?”

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Finally Found Them. The Mints.

Wednesday 02.22.12

I looked high and low for these candies. I got this crazy fixation and, like a terrier, couldn’t let it go until I found them. Vichy Mints have been around since 1828. And yes, they are made from the famous thermal waters in Vichy, France…with the addition of sugar and peppermint. Please don’t let whatever association you have with the Vichy Government during WWII cloud your vision or desire for these lovely confections. It’s rumored that eating eight of these mints a day is the equivalent to a course of treatment at the spa there.

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Your Very Own Simon Monk

Monday 02.06.12

Peter Parker aka Spiderman

Bruce Banner aka The incredbile Hulk

Steve Rogers aka Captain America

Dr. Donald Blake aka Thor

Clark Kent aka Superman

A few days ago I got word that Simon Monk, whose work I featured here not that long ago, has put out a limited edition of archival prints of his “Secret Identity” paintings. The secret identity references the real-life names of familiar and beloved superheroes from our collective past. I’m not ashamed to admit that my highest personal admiration goes out to Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, even though for anyone who read the first post about Simon’s work, you’ll know that Speed Racer was the manboy who stole my six year old heart away. Anyhoo, I really love this series, along with Simon’s other work. It is subversive and funny, technically compelling and even a titch sad. So, even if you aren’t in a position to buy a print, please do check out his site.

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