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It Curves!

Tuesday 07.10.12

I am always on the lookout for good packaging, so imagine my total delight when I found an entire box of Wiffle Balls sitting on a bottom shelf in the toy section of our local supermarket. The packaging looks almost unchanged from earlier versions. And, as far as I’m concerned, they should keep it that way. Made in Connecticut since 1953, the Wiffle® Ball was invented by David N. Mullany. At the time, he was an unemployed semi-professional pitcher who saw his 12 year old son making a mess of his arm after throwing too many curve balls with a standard baseball. For more history and rules go here. And, thanks to my friend Nancy’s superior memory, here is a story that ran on NPR in September of last year.

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Tuesday 07.03.12

“Lay on Ground, Light Fuse, Retire Quickly” is the first line of the story in the NYT about the sale of George Moyer’s enormous firecracker collection. Moyer is a pyrotechnician and fireman from Pennsylvania, so it stands to reason that he might have an outsized interest in any and all types of explosives. The photos aren’t the best, but that’s the consequence of a massive drag and drop operation. The entire collection was/is online at Morphy’s Auction House. Oh, and Happy Fourth of July!!

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Pork Slap Pale Ale

Wednesday 05.30.12

Top view of Pork Slap Pale Ale six pack. Just caught my eye. And yes, that is the actual name of the beer. And, might I add, it is darned tasty!

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In the Box

Wednesday 04.18.12

I keep meaning to take photos of the various packing materials that accompany most computers and electronics. I ordered a new Magic Mouse the other day and was finally driven to take out the camera. I like how abstract the shapes are.

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What’s In The Package?

Thursday 03.15.12

I’ve posted about this pasta before, but as part of a larger entry in which I highlighted simple clear packaging. And, even then, I only had the spaghetti and the vermicelli. I’ve been looking for this pasta for awhile. It is rustic and toothsome with a nutty taste. It’s now one of my favorites. It also happens to be Swiss, which came as a big surprise to me. (Although it shouldn’t be, given the great packaging.) I was about to place an order online, until yesterday, when I came upon Formaggio Cheese, a small shop in the Essex Street Market, that regularly keeps this pasta in store. Now, if you live in NY, love food, enjoy cooking and haven’t yet been to the Essex Street Market, I might suggest that you make a little foray as soon as you get a chance. The market itself is, I believe, the longest continuous running retail public food market in NYC, and one of only four remaining public markets in the 5 boroughs. There was a time when many thought the market had reached its end, but in the past few years it has found a renewed vitality (for various reasons, both good and bad) that seems neither forced or temporary. Do yourself a favor and visit Saxelby Cheese while you’re there!

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More Mints

Tuesday 02.28.12

Clearly I have a problem — Just taking stock of my recent postings and realize that 80 percent of them relate to sugar in some form or another. However, these Icelandic and Danish candies are all about the packaging, not about the eating.

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Bright Yellow Power

Monday 12.05.11

Batteries are a real fact of our everyday wireless techno-heavy lives. These alkaline batteries are somewhat less harmful to the environment than the cadmium mercury kind. So, if you’re gonna buy the non-rechargeable cells, why not at least have some spectacular canary yellow ones under the hood. Available at Ikea, but only in the store, not online.

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