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French Philately

Friday 05.20.11

For reasons that I don’t need to explain, France has been in the news a lot as of late. And so, with Francophilia on my mind, I thought I would share some images of my many many French stamps.

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Monday 05.02.11

All this just makes me happy. I found a whole box of those white plaster letters!

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Photographers’ Developer Trays

Friday 04.29.11

This series of photographs by John Cyr are fantastic! They are stunning reminders of an artform and a craft that is nearing obsolescence. Many more to see if you go here. Thanks, yet again, Flavorwire!!

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A Happy Family.

Thursday 04.21.11

Paris. Vanves flea market. Do they look French?

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Labels and Tags

Tuesday 04.12.11

I have no idea where this compulsion comes from. But it’s undeniably bad. For years now, probably since I was seven, I’ve been collecting labels and tags of all kinds. This is but a sampling of my arsenal. Once, when I was in Paris, I confess to having ripped three pages of stationery store listings out of the phone book in my hotel room. And the thing is, I am definitely not alone in this pursuit. That said, I’ve promised myself that if this stockpile ever threatens to outgrow the confines of its designated box…out it goes.

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Random Friday Photos

Friday 04.08.11

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We Are Our Envelopes

Tuesday 10.05.10

I wish I could remember where I first came across Andrew Bush’s envelope project. It might have been at An Ambitious Project Collapsing –one of my favorite favorite blogs!  And, in fact, I do believe that is the case. No matter, I had to look through ALL of the photographs. I like that we, as a culture, can be identified and even defined by such a quotidian object. One can easily pick out the envelopes that originated here in the US versus those from other parts.

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