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Monday 09.12.11

We are having some plumbing work done, and this little gem of a drawing was artfully generated by our plumber so that we could get a better understanding of how our water pressure system works between the well and the the two structures on the property. If you can’t understand it, I can’t help you. I now regret throwing away all of the many schematics I have either generated myself or those created by others.

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Type on a Bun, Please

Tuesday 07.05.11

Are we, or are we not, a nation of sandwich lovers? I would venture that we are probably more obsessed about sandwiches than most any other food, other than perhaps pizza and barbeque. David Schwen, a subversively funny designer, has captured our preoccupation with all that fits between two slices of bread. But he has brilliantly distilled it down to the barest of elements. I think you can buy a print version of a hamburger here. And a tee shirt here. I am going to lunch now…

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Shrinking Biodiversity

Tuesday 06.28.11


Issues regarding our food supply are particularly pressing as our agricultural practices become more and more industrialized. This chart needs little explanation. Thanks Robert for posting…National Geographic via Paul Kedrosky

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Deconstructed Leader

Friday 05.06.11

This is one of the quirkier things I’ve seen lately. An exploded diagram view, when executed well, can’t be beat. This comes via the always fabulous ThingsOrganizedNeatly via Mike Mitchell’s Tumblr of Amazing Things.

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My Kind of Infographic

Thursday 04.28.11

Jose Duarte is up to something. He’s taken what are typically computer-rendered information graphics and distilled them down to pieces of chalk, string, tape, balloons and a few other easily found items. He’s created a “Handmade Data Visualization Tool-Kit” for those of us who wish to tackle the wrangling of data in a more home-spun fashion. Brilliant. Thanks Flavorwire!

Infographics: 1) Number of real vs. spam emails sent daily.  2) Internet users 2000-2010. 3) Twitter followers comparison. 4) Internet users by country.

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