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Egg Suitcase

Thursday 07.12.12

Brilliant yellow plastic egg suitcase for a diehard camper or any lover of hard-boiled eggs. Went out to buy a dozen white eggs because the brown ones looked a little putrid against the canary color. Disclaimer: holder only works with small eggs. Too bad these won’t fit.

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Not Quite as Painful as It Appears

Monday 04.02.12

I think the idea here is that the relaxamat is meant to replicate the experience, in a far more benign and less scary manner, of the traditional bed of nails. Regardless, I think it has tremendous graphic appeal.

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Not Your Typical Valentine

Wednesday 02.08.12

This morning my friend Patty sent me a link to a food blog that I had never heard of. So, like any good student of the web, I scrolled through, clicked links and basically enjoyed what I saw. Just when I was about to get back to work, I happened on this beast. This is the world’s largest gummy worm. Measuring well over 2 feet in length, weighing in at a mind-blowing, tooth-rotting 3 whole pounds and putting you way over your daily intake limit at 4000 calories!!! It’s positively scandalously vulgar. But, what fun to receive this on February 14th from your beloved instead of that typical heart-shaped chocolate thing. For more info go here.

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Gift Idea No. 3

Tuesday 12.13.11

This is a repost from the earlier days of this blog. These fantastic Japanese clips are from one of the first curated shows/shops at Kiosk…one of my favorite all-time shops in NYC. I have a set to look at and a set to use. And use them I do!

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Gift Idea Numero 2: Tub Trugs®

Friday 12.09.11

I think these Tub Trugs are indispensable. I use them for countless chores and storage. I find the yellow ones to be especially lovely. The shallower designs are also new to me…so quite exciting. For even more sustainability there is a recycled plastic line as well. If you’re gonna get someone a gift, it might as well be useful, right? I’ll take one of each please. Oh, and by the way, these last forever!

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