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Found in Nature

Friday 06.15.12

Barry Rosenthal is a precise photographer and a scavenger. Of the very best kind. This series of images portrays found objects, for the most part culled from the mass of detritus in and around the waterways and beaches of New York and New Jersey. I hate to think that garbage is beautiful, but here it is, in all its glory. It’s a sad commentary that there is this much waste that it can be organized by kind and hue. It should come as no surprise that I first stumbled across Mr. Rosenthal’s work on Things Organized Neatly.

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Wednesday 05.02.12

The good folks over at Flavorwire put up a post today about Fulton Ryder’s tumblr collection of unusual and intriguing photographs consisting mostly of book covers, with additional images of cultural ephemera. This Robert Frank volume, whose genesis was an ad campaign in 1959 for the New York Times, brought back memories of art school photography class. Back then, The Americans, Frank’s most famous body of work, made a big impression on me. For more on Robert Frank, go here to his Artsy page.

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My Favorite Cabbages.

Thursday 01.19.12

Never say never, but it’s highly unlikely that you will ever see me sporting a purple and green sweater. But when it comes to plants, my tastes take a decidedly different turn. If you spend time in Dumbo, you probably walk by these ornamental cabbages/kale on a semi-regular basis. They are on Front Street in wooden planters outside of a bar and restaurant called Superfine. I always forget that they are there, and always always stop and look at them when I pass. I figured yesterday’s blackout warranted some extra color today. By the way, did you know these are edible?

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Blind Spot

Friday 11.18.11



Bob Dinetz, a prolific and talented graphic designer, based in San Francisco, has taken a series of photographs documenting three different areas of interest: flattened gum, covered up graffiti and chewed gum. The series is called Blind Spot. I’d love to see these really really big!

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So Many Textures, So Little Time

Friday 10.28.11

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Double Whirl

Monday 10.17.11

Back of a child’s head. Seen on the subway. Turned out very blurry. I love his double whirl cowlick.

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Monday 10.03.11

Peter Nitsch, photographer and designer, created this mesmerizing and intimate time-lapse video which captures the goings on at Madame Chusri Sripengsub’s Bangkok Hair Salon. The action takes place over the course of a half day. Take note of the incredibly fidgety woman who appears around the 1 minute mark. I think these images were first shown as still photographs. And I believe there even exists an iPhone and iPad app.

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