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Vieux Larousse

Monday 09.30.13


On a recent visit to my parent’s home, I spotted these two volumes sitting on the shelf: very very old and well-used French dictionaries. Another couple of specimens from the analog world. This time, the realm of words, not design.

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Thursday 06.20.13


No, not that kind of change. I mean, literally, change. Loose change. And in another sense, there is a lot of change afoot. I know I’ve been gone for awhile, but determined to post regularly after we move on the 1st. These vintage paper coin wrappers were found at my mother’s house, along with a few other stunning, but completely mundane objects and images. More to come…

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Thursday 07.21.11

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Cat’s Cradle

Friday 04.29.11

I used to play Cat’s Cradle ALL the time. Notice the heavy breathing in the background?

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Holy HTML!!

Sunday 04.04.10

At long last — not just months, but years — I finally have a new website ( AND a blog. I’m a little hesitant about the blog thing….because everyone, their brother, their baby and even their pet has one…but so what. I have no shame.

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