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Monday 05.02.11

All this just makes me happy. I found a whole box of those white plaster letters!

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No E, Just a U.

Wednesday 02.02.11

I was in France not that long ago, and this is what I brought home. Well, I did escort some chocolate and caramels back to NY, but those are long since gone. And they were gifts anyway.

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Is This Where We Are Headed?

Thursday 11.04.10

Well is it? Gosh, I hope not. Found this telling bit of typographic excellence at one of my favorite blogs, Friends of Type. I think we have Erik Marinovich to thank for this, but it’s a little hard to tell where the credit lies. It could also be from Uppercase, which is another much-loved site and magazine. Who knows. And in truth, I’m a little despondent right now, so I’ll leave it up to you to find out.

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Sound It Out…

Wednesday 10.13.10

Found these over-sized flash cards today at John Derian’s shop in NYC. I get a little weak in the knees when I see single words (cows and sheep notwithstanding) on oak tag. With radius corners no less.  Molly, eat your heart out!

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French Type

Tuesday 08.31.10

So, these succulent images come from a French type book that was unearthed at a flea market in France by my over-the-top talented friends Kaari and Molly (who also happen to be sisters) on their second annual Chateau Dumas getaway. Thus far, I haven’t been able to join them on their excursions, but seeing the photos from their recent sojourn is almost as satisfying. Well, not quite. As a postscript to today’s visual feast, I should note that coincidentally Molly most generously posted a bit about Mrs. Easton…today. I say many thanks Ms. Meng!

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Refresher Course

Tuesday 08.17.10

At the risk of dating myself, I’m pretty sure I remember when I first saw this video.

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My Beloved Q

Tuesday 07.20.10

Plaster Q

My plaster Q was a little pricey at eleven bucks, but it makes me happy. Ah, small pleasures.

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