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Pointed Pen

Wednesday 02.01.12

Not too long ago, my friend Theresa, a graphic designer, took a class in the art of the pointed pen style of calligraphy. Copperplate, to be specific. While I am impressed by proficiency and dexterity (both of which she possesses in the extreme), I am always more captivated by the process. The practice pages she showed to me one night over dinner won my heart. She very generously lent them to me. I hate to have cropped them, but the format here on Mrs. Easton isn’t well-suited to the landscape image.

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Word Play

Thursday 01.05.12

Agence Eureka has such an amazing and extensive collection of ephemera that I could probably post something from their archive every day for the next year and still have plenty to spare. Scrabble anyone?

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Wednesday 11.23.11

Another typographical treasure from Agence Eureka. I can’t get enough of her collection.

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Teeny Stencil Set

Tuesday 07.26.11

Who DOESN’T love Kiosk!?? Owner Alisa Grifo curates small collections of everyday items that she finds on her travels around the world (and from here at home) and sells them in her NYC shop. These miniature stencils from Mexico will mean that you always have some lettering skills at the ready.

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Stockings for Sale

Thursday 06.02.11

This has got to be one of the most photographed signs in lower Manhattan. And for good reason. The Ideal Hosiery store and sign on Grand Street is one of the last remaining bits of evidence of what was once an entire district of hose.

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Local Canned Goods

Wednesday 05.18.11

A trip to our local supermarket upstate yielded these three little treasures. Never seen the “One-Pie” can before. Don’t plan on eating the German potato salad. Might give Grandma Brown’s Beans a whirl when the pantry gets low. Odd continuity of color in all three designs.

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Dana Tanamachi

Friday 05.13.11

Ace Hotel Room 1021 from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and “custom chalk letterer” who is brimming with both talent and skill. Watching the creative process in fast forward is addictive. And seeing her here, creating a custom wall for a room in the Ace Hotel in NYC is so feeding my habit. First came across her on designspiration. Another addiction.

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