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Au Revoir Kim Jong-Il

Wednesday 12.21.11

So, we can probably agree on the fact that Kim Jong Il was bad news for North Korea and pretty much the rest of the world. And I doubt that I need to go into a litany of reasons why. All that aside, I still keep this water bottle under protective custody. In a moment of inspiration, Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak (of Project No. 8 / Various Projects) made these years ago and gave me one as a gift. Don’t even ask if you can have it.

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Proportional Scale

Thursday 10.13.11

There are a lot of tools that I used to employ on a daily basis as a part of my work. This is one of the few I do not miss.

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Single Punch

Wednesday 10.05.11

As a quick explanation of what this is: It’s a “Presto” single hole punch. It takes up a scant square inch of real estate. Slide a piece of paper into the slot, push the button, et voila, one perfect little 1/4 inch hole is created. I have no good answer as to why I have this thing. But, what’s crazy, is that I’ve had it since I was 8.

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How to Fold a Plastic Bag

Monday 10.03.11

This is a video re-post from when I first started this blog. I don’t know about you, but I am proud to say that I have “almost” completely eliminated the use of plastic grocery bags. However, when you are faced with one, here is my friend Keiko’s very special technique for folding said item into neat little package for handy future use.

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