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Botanique et Ornement

Friday 10.14.11

One of my favorite books. It measures in at 5.5″ x 8″. Part of a series of volumes that the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris put out years ago that are sadly no longer in print. The hand in these drawings is both expert and full of delight. The book itself is intimate in a way that not many are. It is true about all design being found in nature. I go back to these pages over and over again. I am particularly fond of the curlicues.

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Where is There?

Friday 09.16.11

In the process of emptying out my wallet, I found this fortune. I’ve been toting it around for the past month or so. At first I thought, hmnnn, this is good, I am almost there. The there part being where I want to be. But then I quickly realized that their “there” might not be the same as my there. I’m swearing off fortune cookies for awhile. I can’t handle this sort of ambiguity.

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Mr. Gorey We Miss You

Friday 09.16.11

Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer chronicles the rich, visually-laden and wildly creative correspondence between these two men. I was delighted when I saw that my friend Jason tweeted this post. There is a broad and eclectic spectrum of people who take great joy in the late Edward Gorey’s work. I feel as though we all have something substantive in common, and that if ever thrown together at a dinner party, we would have endless matters of deep importance to discuss. This book is on its way to me now, and I can barely wait. Via Steve Silberman via Maria Popova.

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It’s a Fake

Saturday 08.27.11

Turns out that letter I posted from Sean Connery to Steve Jobs is indeed a fabrication. One decent and upstanding reader was kind enough to send me a link to the story which details the chicanery. On the one hand, I am greatly relieved that Mr. Connery is likely more polite and well-mannered than the persona indicated in the missive. On the other, does this mean he does NOT own said stationery — the design of which is imprinted with that ever-fabulous 007 logo?

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Mr. Bond is Not Nice at All!

Thursday 08.04.11

I would have thought James Bond would be a slight bit more polite in his handling of this. To Ms. Mookerjee’s point, could this actually be real? I may now have to rethink my life long dedication to Mr. Connery’s 007.

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Even More To Do

Wednesday 07.27.11

This is the third installment of my brother’s ongoing to do lists. He and his partner were visiting yesterday and over lunch they handed me a white envelope containing these ten pages. In the digital world these are so incredibly analog. Yeah!!! My brother asked me why I would ever want to post these. I don’t believe they need an explanation.

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Back of the Book

Thursday 07.14.11

The first image is from a mathematics book. It’s a page in the back of the book which reveals answers to the arithmetic problems from the front of the book. The second image is of a page, one of several from the back of another book, advertising volumes in different price ranges. This one being 75 cents. What I want to know is, why were Nelly’s days so dark?

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