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Really Really Dry.

Thursday 07.26.12

This animated graphic is an amalgam of information created with the consensus of both federal and academic scientists. For more information about the partnership go here. This is one of those instances where an information graphic tells a dramatic story in a very short glance. And it is a frightening tale indeed. And it isn’t just about food and water. For a story about infrastructure go to this piece in today’s NYT.

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French Bugs

Monday 04.30.12

There was a time when I did collect things such as insect specimens and medical ephemera. I still pick up the occasional syringe or hand blown glass eye, but really those days are over. And for good reason. But just recently I was overtaken with the feeling that I had somehow lost these three specimen boxes along with a weird and truly wonderful array of hydrometers (more on that later), all purchased over the years during trips to Paris. I searched a little, but mostly forgot about them, not wanting to imagine where and when I had mistakenly thrown them in the trash. Well, I should have known, the other day I looked up at my shelves and there, in a box clearly labeled Bug Specimens and Hydrometers, they were. And, it turns out that the boxes themselves were from Deyrolle. I didn’t notice until just today.

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Superconductivity and Magnetic Levitation

Wednesday 11.02.11

I never did that well at physics in school. But, in hindsight, I think I want to blame the teacher for making a subject that is so fascinating and poetic into something utterly prosaic. These videos are super cool. From the folks over at Wanken.

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