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A Little More Lego

Monday 03.12.12

Wow, there really is a cult of Lego. It’s fascinating to see what images and ideas tap into our collective memory. Lego is definitely one of them. Image via

I just noticed a fabulous comment, on Swissmiss‘ posting of this image, which is worth repeating. Joanne K. says: “I did some work with Lego some time ago at HQ in Billund Denmark. Did you know that the bounce properties and sound the bricks make when dropped are also copy right protected?”

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Lego Love

Friday 03.09.12

Sometimes I wonder how we get any work done at all. I have been searching sporadically for some early patent drawings of vacuum tubes (something to do with a tattoo for my spouse) and am on high alert for the beauty and elegance of those drawings. And then Flavorwire has the nerve to post a story about Stiknord, the tumblr blog curated by the Kolding School of Design in Denmark. The site celebrates a Northern aesthetic. And they do it really really well. Anyway, one thing led to another and, before I knew it, here I was. This 1958 patent drawing is for the earlier iteration of Lego toys that I grew up with…and loved. Except for when the flat plates got stuck together. Then I hated them. As a footnote, one of my early freelance gigs was to design a full Lego stadium and all its details (right down to the hot dog vendor and the hot dogs) for the Major League Baseball licensing division. And imagine this, it was during a pre-computer era. Eeek.

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Yo Yo Yo

Wednesday 03.07.12

So, I had the crazy pleasure of meeting “yoyonub” (aka Miles Chandler) this past weekend. After a late Friday night meal at the home of some friends, this young guy pulls out a yoyo and just mesmerized us all with his command of a couple of small milled pieces of aluminum and a string. OMG. It was a spectacle that I didn’t want to end. The most I ever learned was to Walk the Dog. And I thought I was super cool. Anyway, when I got home that night, I ended up falling into the black hole of the yoyo subculture, and basically stayed up until 3 a.m. looking at every video I could find. Of him, and others. The one thing I can’t convey here is the soothing whir of the yoyo as it spins. I wanted to put Miles’ video up, but the profane soundtrack might offend those of a more pure nature. He was wielding a Popstar yoyo. Like the gentleman above. If you feel the itch to take up a new pursuit…buy one here. Mine is in the mail. And, since I now know that you are hooked, check out this video as well.

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Word Play

Thursday 01.05.12

Agence Eureka has such an amazing and extensive collection of ephemera that I could probably post something from their archive every day for the next year and still have plenty to spare. Scrabble anyone?

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Friday 12.09.11

Pure visual delight! RBG6 is a film and graphic design studio based in Stockholm. No surprise there.
Via A plus B via The Science of Creativity.

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Tailless Donkey

Thursday 11.17.11

Another image found on Agence Eureka’s blog. I have a feeling this won’t be the last of them either.

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Wednesday 11.16.11

Physog is slang for Physiognomy which is the evaluation of a person’s character or nature based on their appearance, particularly the face. The notion that there is a strong correlation between someone’s outer expression and their actual character has a very ancient historic precedent, as well as making loads of sense. Of late, there has been a bit of resurgence of interest in this field of study. This 1930’s board game is a cartoonish example of the practice. I’m totally keen on the disembodied images, much more than if these were all assembled into full faces. These photos are from the absolutely astonishing collection assembled by Agence Eureka. Be forewarned: Set aside at least an hour, and up to a full day, to look through her trove of paper ephemera.

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