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This is Just a Test.

Thursday 01.31.13


Working with some updated plugins and code, and want to see if the images come through on the newsletter. Lovely photo of the Roosevelt Island tram courtesy of Bobby Ghosh of @ghoshworld.

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Wednesday 01.30.13


Saw this photo in the NYT this morning. Made my stomach lurch. The height of that wave is approximately 100 ft. And yes, that is a surfer, one Garrett McNamara, in the middle. The wave is off Nazaré, on the central coast of Portugal. Who knew? Photo by Tó Mané via Reuters.

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Collect Call

Friday 12.07.12

Would you accept the charges? Seen on a traffic light pole in Narrowsburg, NY.

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Melancholy Fall

Thursday 11.15.12

After the trees shed their leaves, and before the snow falls, I find the landscape offers up a kind of dolefulness. The one-sided bed is a picture my brother-in-law took of a bedroom in their soon-to-be new home. And the striking (but sad) photo of the starling is from Matt.

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Stacked Stuff

Monday 08.20.12

I like stacks of stuff. No matter what or where.

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Wednesday 08.15.12

Two completely unrelated photographs of exteriors. Except, of course, for the lovely script.

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Aunt Velma

Monday 07.30.12

ca. 1888. A handwritten note on the back of the photo says, “Aunt Velma, she never married.” Everything about this image taps into my fear of female pattern baldness. Courtesy of my friend Kay who delights in all things odd. She found the image here. As an aside, when I was in grade school and high school we used to compete against Bucksport, Maine in certain sporting events. And, while I know this is a generalization, I remember those girls as not always being so nice. That said, I bet Aunt Velma is a peach.

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