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Wednesday 06.27.12

I recognize that these boxes, or “tins” as the are more commonly referred to, are mighty familiar, and maybe a little ubiquitous. That doesn’t mean that I like them any less. Besides, who doesn’t love a little potted tongue? Transferware was a product of mid 18th century England (although popular in other parts of Europe as well), and really came into its own during the mid 1800s. All photos and tins from Ruby Lane.

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More Mints

Tuesday 02.28.12

Clearly I have a problem — Just taking stock of my recent postings and realize that 80 percent of them relate to sugar in some form or another. However, these Icelandic and Danish candies are all about the packaging, not about the eating.

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Say Ahhh…

Wednesday 01.25.12

All week long (really, it’s two weeks long, but we’ll confine it to one) it’s Chinese New Year. In honor of said holiday, I dug these beauties out of my files. I wish I could find the companion postcards to these two images. They were published by Quantity Postcards out of San Francisco, but way back in the eighties. I found this link and this link to the site (you have to scroll down to find the images), but I wish there were more.

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Friday 12.09.11

Pure visual delight! RBG6 is a film and graphic design studio based in Stockholm. No surprise there.
Via A plus B via The Science of Creativity.

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Wednesday 11.30.11

I am not, nor will I likely ever be, a hunter. However, I will admit to loving these paper targets. And I just spent a good half an hour looking through Speedwell’s target site. There are some really really weird and disturbing images on there. But the bullseyes are all beautiful.

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Tupperware Business Card

Wednesday 08.10.11

I wonder, who is Carol Andrews and where is she now? I found this card on ebay while in the process of looking for reference when first working on development for a Tupperware project. It was 25 cents. I blew it up to 3 ft x 4 ft. It now hangs on my wall.

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Type on a Bun, Please

Tuesday 07.05.11

Are we, or are we not, a nation of sandwich lovers? I would venture that we are probably more obsessed about sandwiches than most any other food, other than perhaps pizza and barbeque. David Schwen, a subversively funny designer, has captured our preoccupation with all that fits between two slices of bread. But he has brilliantly distilled it down to the barest of elements. I think you can buy a print version of a hamburger here. And a tee shirt here. I am going to lunch now…

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