Category: ephemera

Pen Nibs

Thursday 08.25.11

Third (actually the fourth if you count the springs) installment of items secured to a card. This time I’ve got nibs. Again, it’s the backside that I love.

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Little Metal Eyelets

Wednesday 08.24.11

Another installment of items attached to a board. This time around it is French metal eyelets. I particularly like the pattern of stitching on the reverse side.

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Poultry 101

Monday 05.23.11

These freestanding educational cutouts were given to my friend Jason, a chicken owner/writer/professor (not necessarily in that order), for his recent birthday. They are part of a much larger collection of farm animals from the newly opened NYC branch of Kabinett & Kammer — a crazy, fantastic heavenly bonanza of a place. Filled to the brim with everything that should be in a modern-day curiosity cabinet… and so much more.

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American Philately

Friday 05.20.11

And then there is this — a perforation gauge used in stamp collecting. This is a thin metal plate measuring just under 2″ by 4.375″. Such a weird specialized item. But handy if you’re looking to decipher your collection. Available here.

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Exercise Routine

Monday 05.09.11

Odd instructional accordion brochure found a long time ago, and then forgotten for even longer.

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Labels and Tags

Tuesday 04.12.11

I have no idea where this compulsion comes from. But it’s undeniably bad. For years now, probably since I was seven, I’ve been collecting labels and tags of all kinds. This is but a sampling of my arsenal. Once, when I was in Paris, I confess to having ripped three pages of stationery store listings out of the phone book in my hotel room. And the thing is, I am definitely not alone in this pursuit. That said, I’ve promised myself that if this stockpile ever threatens to outgrow the confines of its designated box…out it goes.

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Paper Farm

Monday 04.04.11

I’ve been meaning for ages now to take pictures of my paper farm. I don’t have all the outbuildings anymore, but I still have the silo, the cow and a single bale of hay. I think these are meant to be colored in, but I love them just the way they are.

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