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Duck and Cover

Monday 04.23.12

It doesn’t smell, we can’t taste it and we definitely can’t see it, so it only makes sense that there would be a whole host of devices to aid in its detection. I speak, of course, of radiation. This exceptional collection of monitors and scalers is the property of Oak Ridge Associated Universities. Their Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Museum has a somewhat singular purpose: to chronicle the scientific and commercial history of radioactivity and radiation. I wonder if Dieter Rams would like these?

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In the Box

Wednesday 04.18.12

I keep meaning to take photos of the various packing materials that accompany most computers and electronics. I ordered a new Magic Mouse the other day and was finally driven to take out the camera. I like how abstract the shapes are.

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3D Schematics

Tuesday 01.10.12

No sense denying the warmth and beauty of these Russian camera schematics. I have spent an unhealthy amount of time on But there is so much to look at. And, inexplicably, I’m feeling a little nostalgic for The Cold War.

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Tuesday 01.03.12

I wish I could remember how I came to find Spencer Lowell’s photographs. But I can’t. In the spirit of the new year and all, I thought I should post an image that reflects the level of organization I am after in 2012.

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Bright Yellow Power

Monday 12.05.11

Batteries are a real fact of our everyday wireless techno-heavy lives. These alkaline batteries are somewhat less harmful to the environment than the cadmium mercury kind. So, if you’re gonna buy the non-rechargeable cells, why not at least have some spectacular canary yellow ones under the hood. Available at Ikea, but only in the store, not online.

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White or Black?

Saturday 10.15.11

I went to buy a couple of new alarm clocks yesterday — we have a cat who is occasionally unruly and hurls everything on the bedside tables to the floor. no clock could stand up to such repeated abuse — and was reminded of how truly ridiculous we designers can be sometimes. As I was standing at the counter trying to decide between the black version or the white one and back again, the soft-spoken, very design-ey gentleman in charge of the shop inquired in the nicest way possible, “Does it really matter?” Instead of taking offense, as perhaps I should have, I burst out laughing. He’s right, it doesn’t freaking matter. It’s a clock for crying out loud. It’s unobtrusive, simple, well-designed. Who cares if it’s white or black? Would it really make a difference in my life one way or another? It’s not going to work better if it’s one color versus another. This particular clock is a re-issue of a design originally created in the 90s by Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams for Braun. Oh, and for the record, I bought two black ones.

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Calculators by Tweed Tom

Wednesday 08.17.11

I saw these prints on Swissmiss this morning and fell for them in an instant. I am a true sucker for the mundane and the obsolete appearing in numbers. And I love the texture and flatness of these images. Good job Tweed Tom (real name, Tom Rowe). And thanks Swissmiss for having such a keen eye. If you want to live with one of these, go here.

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