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Culture Shock

Wednesday 09.21.11

I feel more than fortunate to be able to spend time in both country and city. The contrast between rural and urban gives rise to an appreciation of place that I am not sure I would possess otherwise. I was looking at my photos from the summer and was so struck by the visual world I have just left behind. My husband took that first photograph of the young buck. The deer was fearless and refused to abandon his patch of ground full of fallen apples. That last photo was taken on Grand Street in lower Manhattan. A different sort of beauty.

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The Giant Pumpkin

Wednesday 09.21.11

Meet Jennifer, Lester and their squash. I know this looks improbable, and thoughts may quickly turn to Photoshop. But I would caution you not to be so skeptical. This pumpkin is very real. And, at the time of the photo, it weighed in at a staggering 700 pounds. Jennifer and her husband Andrew own Eminence Road Farm Winery in upstate NY. Their fabulous wines (they are unfined, unfiltered and are all bottled by hand) have become a hallmark of our entertaining. They also grow vegetables, are great cooks and Jennifer pickles a mean ramp. Lester helps out when he can.

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Millipede…The Movie

Monday 08.08.11

Millipede from Melissa Easton on Vimeo.

Up in the Catskills, when someone says they are going for a walk or a run, I like to keep an eye on the time. I am not an alarmist, but if they don’t return within a reasonable span, there could be cause for worry. So, on Saturday, when my husband said he was going for a run, I didn’t think anything of it until I looked at the clock. Why wasn’t he back yet!? Had something happened? Did that bear get him (really)? So I hopped in the car and zipped up the road only to find him standing over a millipede moving softly across the pavement. He was filming it. Over and over. Enter stage left. Exit Right.

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An End

Friday 07.29.11

I went to check on the house of some friends last week, and this was what greeted me at the door. They have a semi-stray cat who brought them a gift of thanks. Thanks.

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Lost Kitten…

Monday 07.18.11

There are various telephone poles around this little river town, and they all wear the history of their secondary usage with pride: Lost Kitten, Backhoe for Sale, Firewood, Church Supper, Brush Hogging…

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Partly Cloudy

Monday 06.27.11

Okay, I’ve seen stranger cloud formations, but after days and days of rain and gray skies, these puffy whites caught my attention. In our house, we call these Simpson Clouds…after the opening segment of the show.

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Wednesday 06.22.11

Just a couple of shots of what isĀ  actually a city of fencing. Roll upon roll, row upon row, of wire fencing in every possible configuration. My camera died halfway through. Lesson learned.

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