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Mr. Bond is Not Nice at All!

Thursday 08.04.11

I would have thought James Bond would be a slight bit more polite in his handling of this. To Ms. Mookerjee’s point, could this actually be real? I may now have to rethink my life long dedication to Mr. Connery’s 007.

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Shrinking Biodiversity

Tuesday 06.28.11


Issues regarding our food supply are particularly pressing as our agricultural practices become more and more industrialized. This chart needs little explanation. Thanks Robert for posting…National Geographic via Paul Kedrosky

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Deconstructed Leader

Friday 05.06.11

This is one of the quirkier things I’ve seen lately. An exploded diagram view, when executed well, can’t be beat. This comes via the always fabulous ThingsOrganizedNeatly via Mike Mitchell’s Tumblr of Amazing Things.

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Thursday 05.05.11

Neville Trickett is a breed apart. He seemingly does everything. And he does it with extraordinary ability. He’s a painter, collector, gardener, retail genius and all-around master of the visual world. Trickett says these paintings are his attempt to see again. He finds the images on the internet and then gives himself 15 minutes to paint each one. The gesture of these small studies manages to capture everything and more about the things themselves. See more of his paintings here. And do take a look at his photostream if you want to peer into his vast cabinet of curiosities.

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Happy Anniversary Little Car!

Wednesday 04.20.11

The Renault 4 is turning 50 years old! Happy Anniversary!! Over 8 million vehicles were sold between 1961 and 1992, when Renault finally decided to retire the design. One of the interesting facts about this car is that during its 30+ year production run, the design itself remained virtually the same. The size and shape were a constant. This philosophy exists in total defiance of today’s approach to design, whereby marketing has wrested control of industry. Products change (not everything, but almost everything) simply for the sake of change. Not necessarily to make them better, but in the service of selling more. Not these babies.

For more pictures go here.

And thanks designboom for running this story.

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Again with the Swedes

Saturday 02.12.11

Sandra Juto is a Swedish artist/designer who, with her husband, recently moved to Berlin. She also happens to be a talented photographer who manages to capture the intimacy of their lives without seeming self-absorbed. The little trees pictured above are some of her paper creations. They have a weird, fairy-tale quality, and I just can’t stop looking at them.

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Anatomy Of A Sandwich

Wednesday 11.24.10

In keeping with the recent spate of food-related posts: There really isn’t much here that needs explaining. Scanwiches has detailed our national obsession with anything and everything between two slices of bread.

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