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Random Graphics

Thursday 09.06.12

Oh, just frittering away some time on Sheaff Ephemera. Not hard to do. And certainly not unpleasant.

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Wednesday 05.02.12

The good folks over at Flavorwire put up a post today about Fulton Ryder’s tumblr collection of unusual and intriguing photographs consisting mostly of book covers, with additional images of cultural ephemera. This Robert Frank volume, whose genesis was an ad campaign in 1959 for the New York Times, brought back memories of art school photography class. Back then, The Americans, Frank’s most famous body of work, made a big impression on me. For more on Robert Frank, go here to his Artsy page.

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Wednesday 11.16.11

Physog is slang for Physiognomy which is the evaluation of a person’s character or nature based on their appearance, particularly the face. The notion that there is a strong correlation between someone’s outer expression and their actual character has a very ancient historic precedent, as well as making loads of sense. Of late, there has been a bit of resurgence of interest in this field of study. This 1930’s board game is a cartoonish example of the practice. I’m totally keen on the disembodied images, much more than if these were all assembled into full faces. These photos are from the absolutely astonishing collection assembled by Agence Eureka. Be forewarned: Set aside at least an hour, and up to a full day, to look through her trove of paper ephemera.

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Superconductivity and Magnetic Levitation

Wednesday 11.02.11

I never did that well at physics in school. But, in hindsight, I think I want to blame the teacher for making a subject that is so fascinating and poetic into something utterly prosaic. These videos are super cool. From the folks over at Wanken.

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The Happy Couple

Tuesday 09.27.11

A feel-good photo, with just enough plaid. From the fabulous folks over at Old Chum.

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Mr. Gorey We Miss You

Friday 09.16.11

Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer chronicles the rich, visually-laden and wildly creative correspondence between these two men. I was delighted when I saw that my friend Jason tweeted this post. There is a broad and eclectic spectrum of people who take great joy in the late Edward Gorey’s work. I feel as though we all have something substantive in common, and that if ever thrown together at a dinner party, we would have endless matters of deep importance to discuss. This book is on its way to me now, and I can barely wait. Via Steve Silberman via Maria Popova.

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Anatomia Vegetal

Monday 08.29.11

Bibliodyssey is a favorite destination. I particularly like not going there for awhile and then spending time poring over the new posts filled with the weird and the wonderful. I’m pretty sure I have some latent biologist in me, so these illustrations sucked me right in. I like how when you get too close to anything it becomes abstract. The drawings were created in 1929 by Frederik Elfving who was a professor of botany at the University of Helsinki.

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