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Saprotrophs, Mesophiles, Psychrophiles and More…

Wednesday 02.05.14


















Mold gets a bum rap. Yes, yes, it’s disgusting and smelly and can easily make you sick, or worse, even kill you. But, without it, we wouldn’t have cheese or salami, to name but two examples of choice edibles. Incidentally, it can also save your life. So really, doesn’t the good ultimately cancel out the bad? These rather beautiful photos were first spotted on the blog over at Present & Correct. (I say, twice in one week isn’t bad, eh!) They are originally from a tumblr blog titled, somewhat benignly, Magical Contamination.

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Write You Are

Tuesday 02.04.14




Been taking a leisurely stroll through one of my favorite blogs, Present & Correct. If you decide to pay them a visit (and I think you won’t regret it if you do), you’ll find an expertly textured curation of great visuals…new, old and somewhere in between. Case in point, these handwriting analysis charts. What does your penmanship say about YOU? If you think about it, this chart is nearing obsolescence.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit their shop.

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Looking for a Place Just Like This

Wednesday 03.20.13


We are moving soon. Right now though, we still don’t know where we’ll end up. Dumbo has become so outrageously expensive and, while the location is great, we are both ready for a change. We actually want something smaller and simpler, if you can believe that. If we didn’t have our place upstate, I might be singing a different tune entirely. Thanks to Cabin Porn for the unending inspiration. For more, click here.

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Calendar Clips

Tuesday 02.12.13


Just a short burst of office supply nirvana. I am reliably predictable in my affinity for this sort of ephemera. From, once again, the gimlet-eyed folks over at Present & Correct.

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Ylaipi: Tomorrow’s Snow

Thursday 02.07.13


100 Words for Snow by Phil James, for Mendosa. As seen on the ever-edifying blog at Present & Correct. Personally, I am hoping for tlalman and tlanip, so I can set up a snow pop-up shop and add to my savings. Please note, Mr. James’ list is, I believe, mostly a work of satire.

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mais padrões / more patterns

Thursday 12.20.12

Something a little happier and lighter today. Oh, what it would be to live with such gloriously patterned floors! Alice Bernardo is the proprietress of the very lovely and engaging Portuguese blog: Noussnouss. She is also the brains and brawn behind Saber Fazer, a multidimensional project that seeks to create a narrative for time-honored Portuguese methods of fabrication, on both an artisanal and a semi-industrial scale. She highlights such things as basket making, shoe making, weaving, spinning, needlework, etc. The bicycle baskets are my personal favorites. Alice says she “likes beautiful things and wants to know how stuff is made.” Don’t want to argue with that. These photos are hers.

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Wednesday 12.05.12

Paintings of steak by Vincent Kohler. Never would have found these if not for the always interesting blog over at Present & Correct. Saw some other paintings of wood by the same artist, and then promptly jumped down the rabbit hole.

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