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Tony Hong is Obsessed

Friday 10.14.11

Saw these yesterday over at Picture Book. Always always a satisfying read! Tony Hong drew these tree rings on an 18′ x 24″ panel. Other people’s obsessions can be so satisfying.

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Monday 10.03.11

Peter Nitsch, photographer and designer, created this mesmerizing and intimate time-lapse video which captures the goings on at Madame Chusri Sripengsub’s Bangkok Hair Salon. The action takes place over the course of a half day. Take note of the incredibly fidgety woman who appears around the 1 minute mark. I think these images were first shown as still photographs. And I believe there even exists an iPhone and iPad app.

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Etienne Leopold Trouvelot

Tuesday 07.19.11

Back in the mid to late 19th century, French ex-pat astronomical artist, Etienne Leopold Trouvelot, created these pastel drawings from his observations of planets and galactic occurrences. Years ago there was a fantastic exhibition showcasing his work at the Science, Business and Industry branch of the NY Public Library. Sadly, Trouvelot is known less for his artistic abilities and more for his earlier endeavors in entomology…gone very very wrong. We actually have him to thank for the scourge of Gypsy Moths in this country.

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Play With Your Food

Tuesday 07.05.11

Full disclosure: when I was in college and working late at night, my default meal was either a tin of sardines, triscuits and cheese, or a bag of oreos and a can of coke. Yum. And it was more likely the latter. I only wish that I had thought to occupy myself with making cameo portraits out of the creme filling. Thankfully, Judith G. Klausner has! The whole notion of a portrait sculpted out of something as ephemeral as a cookie, is deeply satisfying, and just very very funny. Thank you Erica for sending this my way. Photos by Steve Pomeroy.

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