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Glass Sausage

Wednesday 08.11.10

Glass Sausages

Sometime in the spring Sam Baron installed his captivating glass sausages in the window of Japan Premium Beef on Great Jones St. in NYC. I would like to see more foodstuffs rendered in silica.

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Michael Johansson

Thursday 08.05.10






The Swedish artist Michael Johansson takes the idea of organization to a whole new level. I am fascinated by his use of ordinary objects in the construction of these totemic puzzles. They offer a sober yet funny commentary on our accumulation of stuff. There are many more pieces to look at if you visit his website. Well worth the time.

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2 Thoughts for the Holiday.

Saturday 07.03.10

Corn and safety over the 4th!

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Perfect Example of Previous Post

Monday 06.28.10

These beauties are courtesy of the artist Josh Blackwell. Thank you Josh! I will never again look at my plastic bags the same way.

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