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What This Book Can Do For You!

Monday 11.04.13





While the solutions may take on somewhat different forms, the questions of how to make a success of one’s design or invention remain the same. Mr. Murray A. Gleeson published his book of wisdom in 1970.

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For Sale

Tuesday 09.03.13



My first foray into the world of selling art. Best guess is that I was 5 years old. In case you’re wondering, this is a drawing of a chef. If memory serves, the “cents” symbol in the upper right corner was supposed to be a “dollar” sign. Who was I kidding. But, if you can’t tell from the photo, I ran a tight operation.

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Rituals of Preparation

Wednesday 08.22.12

A word to the wise: Don’t watch these videos if you are in the least bit hungry. The mastery of these food preparations earns my great admiration and respect. I am also fascinated by how ingrained and fluid the actions are. I remember not that long ago watching a bricklayer build a wall and was completely hypnotized by the motion. Equally so for the women across the street from us, when we lived in Chinatown, who used make dumplings.

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Thursday 04.12.12

Just the way it is sometimes. Via Sheaff Ephemera.

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