Friday 12.09.11

Pure visual delight! RBG6 is a film and graphic design studio based in Stockholm. No surprise there.
Via A plus B via The Science of Creativity.

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Gift Idea Numero 2: Tub Trugs®

I think these Tub Trugs are indispensable. I use them for countless chores and storage. I find the yellow ones to be especially lovely. The shallower designs are also new to me…so quite exciting. For even more sustainability there is a recycled plastic line as well. If you’re gonna get someone a gift, it might as well be useful, right? I’ll take one of each please. Oh, and by the way, these last forever!

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Gift Idea Numero Uno: Ring Pencil Sharpener

Right now, this would be my number one gift choice for anyone who deigns to pick up a pencil. Much to my chagrin, I don’t believe these are in production. But maybe if we send Ignacio Pilotto (the designer) some pleading messages, he’ll get the ball rolling.

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Underwater Camera Housing

Wednesday 12.07.11

I wandered into my friend Lee Hartwell’s gem of an antique shop the other day and was caught mid-sentence by this utterly compelling specimen of design. Lee kindly lent it to me for a bit so I could take some quick photos. I don’t know much about this piece other than what function it performed. In my quest for further information I found a very cool site showcasing Soviet era camera equipment. They have one housing that is straight out of an early Bond movie.

Update: I looked a little harder and found this listing on ebay. The housing is made by Ikelite.

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From the Inside Looking Out

Tuesday 12.06.11

This is how I feel today. Photograph by Annie Marie Musselman (I would suggest carving out a little chunk of time to go through her work!) via Old Chum.

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Bright Yellow Power

Monday 12.05.11

Batteries are a real fact of our everyday wireless techno-heavy lives. These alkaline batteries are somewhat less harmful to the environment than the cadmium mercury kind. So, if you’re gonna buy the non-rechargeable cells, why not at least have some spectacular canary yellow ones under the hood. Available at Ikea, but only in the store, not online.

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Friday Photo

Friday 12.02.11

Photo courtesy of one Andy Bergmann. Andy, I apologize ahead of time for cropping the photo. This sign was posted on the premises where a local cat show was taking place.

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