Foraging Expedition

Thursday 09.29.11

We went for a little mushroom hunting walk in the woods a couple of weeks ago and this is what we found. The colors and textures amaze me. Unfortunately, none of these are particularly edible. If my father is reading this: Dad, please know that we absolutely draw the line at eating any wild mushroom that has a close cousin that will either make us sick or worse! Anyway, we have a favorite wooded spot along a small creek which often plays host to a bloom of hedgehog mushrooms (Hydnum repandum). Hedgehogs are a distinctively meaty variety that have little spines instead of gills. And they are prized for both their taste and their texture. We didn’t find any that day. Maybe this weekend we’ll get lucky. The last image is from the farmers’ market at the ferry building in San Francisco. Fantasy land.

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Surface of the Moon?

Only a little bit of familiar information here to indicate what these are. I thought I was looking at photographs of newly discovered planets. Nope, these are Christopher Jonassen’s images of…worn out frying pans. He made a choice to edit out the rim and the handle, further removing them from context. From the insanely wonderful blog Feasting Never Stops.

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British General P.O. Phones

Wednesday 09.28.11

I’m sorry, some things were better back in the day. Well, at least they looked better anyway. As for functionality, let’s not discuss it. Totally grabbed this image from the sweet bella website.

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The Happy Couple

Tuesday 09.27.11

A feel-good photo, with just enough plaid. From the fabulous folks over at Old Chum.

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Art Pickles

Richard Gary is a Brooklyn-based photographer who really shines when it comes to shooting a still-life!! I think his more monochromatic work is my favorite. I remember quite clearly the first time I saw these images. I immediately desired to have them enlarged and hung on my walls. They look like paintings to me. I also love pickles. Of any kind.

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Stamp Love

Monday 09.26.11

The Nature of America stamp series from the USPS comprises 12 distinct ecosystems. The scenes are illustrated by John D. Dawson. My all-time favorite is/was the Northeastern Deciduous Forest panel. No surprise there. Sadly, these are not really available any longer. I saw a few for sale on amazon and ebay, but that’s it. I was about to finally throw out these empty panes, until I realized how much I liked them, even without their stamps.

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Paper Twine

Last week, when it was raining and I had a small window of time on my hands before meeting a friend, I paid a visit to wrk’s new shop on Prince St. There are a lot of designers/retailers who aspire to curate the old in a compelling manner. These folks happen to do it very very well. Anyway, I mostly wandered around, with no thoughts whatsoever of spending money. I am actually trying to divest myself of things. But I saw this spool peeking out from under a shelf and, well, you know… Now that I have photographed it, who wants it?

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