Grade Your Eggs

Wednesday 08.31.11

Before you bake that cake, do you need to know if that egg you have falls into the jumbo, large or medium category? Well, plunk it down on the Acme Egg Scale and rest easy. I wish I could convey the coolness of the weighing mechanism. This is my friend Dave’s scale. He has chickens, so probably uses this instead of just admiring it. If you too have chickens and need a scale, these are available on ebay.

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Are You Congested?

Tuesday 08.30.11

These three beauties are nasal irrigation devices. I’ll let your imagination do the rest. And, for goodness knows why, I happen to have quite a few of these.

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Anatomia Vegetal

Monday 08.29.11

Bibliodyssey is a favorite destination. I particularly like not going there for awhile and then spending time poring over the new posts filled with the weird and the wonderful. I’m pretty sure I have some latent biologist in me, so these illustrations sucked me right in. I like how when you get too close to anything it becomes abstract. The drawings were created in 1929 by Frederik Elfving who was a professor of botany at the University of Helsinki.

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It’s a Fake

Saturday 08.27.11

Turns out that letter I posted from Sean Connery to Steve Jobs is indeed a fabrication. One decent and upstanding reader was kind enough to send me a link to the story which details the chicanery. On the one hand, I am greatly relieved that Mr. Connery is likely more polite and well-mannered than the persona indicated in the missive. On the other, does this mean he does NOT own said stationery — the design of which is imprinted with that ever-fabulous 007 logo?

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World Press Photojournalism Awards

Friday 08.26.11

You are looking at Joost van den Broek’s photograph of a 16 year old cadet, Kirill Lewerski, from the Russian tall ship Kruzenshtern. The history of the vessel is interesting enough. Pair that with this image, both eerie and beautiful, and it becomes downright compelling. Part of a selection of photographs from the 2011 World Press Photojournalism Awards. Well worth looking at all of the photographs. Via Flavorpill.

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More Pen Nibs

Thursday 08.25.11

“Made in America by Men Who Know Pens!” Do you think such men still exist? For now, the final post of things on a card. The stitching on this one is lovely.

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Pen Nibs

Third (actually the fourth if you count the springs) installment of items secured to a card. This time I’ve got nibs. Again, it’s the backside that I love.

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