Happy Day!

Wednesday 06.29.11

Yay!!!! Rima Suqi from the NYT wrote a little piece in Thursday’s Home Section about my Tupperware designs. Thanks Rima! Thanks NYT! I hope this gives the containers a little extra street cred. Photos by Richard Gary.

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So, I won’t be getting rid of these. They embody a lot of what’s been lost in the digital world — the things I miss the most. Those little marks capture a process, even though it took place decades (or even a century) ago. I found these at the Vanves flea market in Paris which is smaller and far less overwhelming than the giant St. Ouen market at Clignancourt. They were lying flat on a table at the back of a stand. I saw a tiny hint of twine and wood peeking out among all the other more self-important objects, and that was it. They have since become an odd sort of talisman, of both work and perseverance.

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Be Warned

Tuesday 06.28.11

Lately, in a fledgling effort to lighten the burden of owning things I don’t actually use, I have been unpacking boxes of vintage ephemera. Metalite Teeth…case in point. I have managed to collect an embarrassing array of useless, but absolutely wonderful (to me, anyway), medical tools, drawing supplies and other strange and fascinating objects. Stay tuned. I will then be giving them away.

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Shrinking Biodiversity


Issues regarding our food supply are particularly pressing as our agricultural practices become more and more industrialized. This chart needs little explanation. Thanks Robert for posting…National Geographic via Paul Kedrosky

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Watch Your Neck

Monday 06.27.11

The top two images are of French mouse traps. The second one is from the US. And the last ones are Swedish. Wondering how each of these reflects their respective national character. I love the French, but honestly, I’m a little scared of that double guillotine model. Let them eat cake!

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Partly Cloudy

Okay, I’ve seen stranger cloud formations, but after days and days of rain and gray skies, these puffy whites caught my attention. In our house, we call these Simpson Clouds…after the opening segment of the show.

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Food for Hedge Funders?

Friday 06.24.11

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