Monday 05.23.11

I ask, why must it keep raining?

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Poultry 101

These freestanding educational cutouts were given to my friend Jason, a chicken owner/writer/professor (not necessarily in that order), for his recent birthday. They are part of a much larger collection of farm animals from the newly opened NYC branch of Kabinett & Kammer — a crazy, fantastic heavenly bonanza of a place. Filled to the brim with everything that should be in a modern-day curiosity cabinet… and so much more.

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American Philately

Friday 05.20.11

And then there is this — a perforation gauge used in stamp collecting. This is a thin metal plate measuring just under 2″ by 4.375″. Such a weird specialized item. But handy if you’re looking to decipher your collection. Available here.

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French Philately

For reasons that I don’t need to explain, France has been in the news a lot as of late. And so, with Francophilia on my mind, I thought I would share some images of my many many French stamps.

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Live From The Ledge!

Thursday 05.19.11

If you haven’t already met, let me introduce you to Violet & Bobby and now Pip! Two red-tailed hawks set up house on the 12th floor window ledge of the office of NYU’s President. And someone had the good sense to then install this livestream camera so we can essentially watch their every move. On May 6th a little hatchling appeared. This is really NYC at its very best. Via the NYT.

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Local Canned Goods

Wednesday 05.18.11

A trip to our local supermarket upstate yielded these three little treasures. Never seen the “One-Pie” can before. Don’t plan on eating the German potato salad. Might give Grandma Brown’s Beans a whirl when the pantry gets low. Odd continuity of color in all three designs.

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Bow Bins

Cordula Kehrer Bow Bin_01 for Areaware

Cordula Kehrer Bow Bin_02 for Areaware

Cordula Kehrer Bow Bin_03 for Areaware

Cordula Kehrer Bow Bin_04 for Areaware

Cordula Kehrer Bow Bin_05 for Areaware

I spent a little time this week over at the ICFF, and hands down, these were some of the best designs I saw. Designed by Cordula Kehrer for NYC-based Areaware, the rattan and reclaimed plastic bins are manufactured by the talented Aeta people of the Phillippines. If I have this right, the whole project is sponsored by the NGO Preda, who engage in fair trade practices. The designs embody the ultimate challenge of re-purposing existing but discarded products. The plastic bins are paired with some hand process, in this case the weaving of sustainably harvested rattan, then re-imagined into something far more wonderful than either thing on its own.

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