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We Do Upholstery

Wednesday 02.12.14


Um, no thanks.
Grand Street, in Chinatown.
I love NYC.

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The Chair

Friday 08.31.12

I wonder how Sergio Mian feels about having his Baba Barstool co-opted by Clint Eastwood, theĀ  RNC and Invisible Obama.

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The Kevi Desk Chair

Friday 07.22.11

The original Kevi desk chair was designed by Jorgen Rasmussen back in the fifties. Thanks to my mother, I was lucky enough to have one of these at my desk. It was bright yellow and I really liked it. I have no idea where my chair is now, but I wish I still owned it. I remember it being comfortable and I loved that it took up so little room. The good news is that this design is still in production. It’s manufactured by Engelbrechts. I have been looking around online to see where one could purchase a chair IF one wanted, but I am not finding anything offhand.

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