PSA for New Yorkers

Wednesday 10.31.12

If you haven’t seen this already, here are a few updates on the transportation options around town. Go to the MTA’s site for maps and regular updates.

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Got Water?

Sunday 10.28.12

Only time will tell how much we get clobbered by Sandy and her nameless friends arriving from points west. In the meantime, the politicians and the scientists and the media are all urging us to stock up. You feel like an ass if you do, and an ass if you don’t. So, maybe this time around, err on the side of caution. Just a little. These cans of water are easily found on ebay. Although perhaps a little late to be of any use this time around. Produced for the US Government during WWII, and maybe even all the way up through the Cold War. Stay dry. Stay safe.

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Wednesday 10.24.12

Nice patterns. Very fond of the All in One. I think the white plastic one is meant for grating daikon radish. I know the last one is for ginger.

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You Don’t Own Me

Tuesday 10.23.12

Thanks Julia and Robin for posting this. Lesley Gore wrote this song in 1964. Still fighting the same fight. Really?

Correction: My mistake. You Don’t Own Me was in fact written by John Madara and David White, but recorded by Lesley Gore when she was only 17. Thanks Matt!!

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Craft. Circa 1972.

Monday 10.22.12

Despite the fact that this slim volume was intended for younger children, it tells a compelling story about how far we have come in the world of craft. Among other things. I wonder what Martha would say.

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Friday 10.19.12

The hardware store comes through once again! Spend enough time in there and I invariably pull out my camera. I couldn’t resist these wooden dowels and their constellation of colors and sizes. Thanks Callicoon Supply.

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A Dutch Wife

Tuesday 10.16.12

Also known as a Hottie or, to most of us, a Hot Water Bottle. Originally made from metal, ceramic, glass or even wood, early hot water bottles actually contained the coals from whatever fire was had earlier. Now that the weather is finally getting colder (already had a hard frost upstate!!), I get a little peevish about slipping into an icy bed. I want my nose to remain cool, but I prefer warmth under the covers. My friend Jody swears by her hot water bottle. In fact, she says she’s got two on hand for chillier nights. All the pics are from Ebay.

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