The Chair

Friday 08.31.12

I wonder how Sergio Mian feels about having his Baba Barstool co-opted by Clint Eastwood, theĀ  RNC and Invisible Obama.

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Eyeglass Drop

Tuesday 08.28.12

This lovely box resides at the local post office up here in Callicoon. Note the combination of serif and sans serif type!! I’m now going to see if there are more of these located in the various branches of the P.O. around and about Sullivan County.

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Rituals of Preparation

Wednesday 08.22.12

A word to the wise: Don’t watch these videos if you are in the least bit hungry. The mastery of these food preparations earns my great admiration and respect. I am also fascinated by how ingrained and fluid the actions are. I remember not that long ago watching a bricklayer build a wall and was completely hypnotized by the motion. Equally so for the women across the street from us, when we lived in Chinatown, who used make dumplings.

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Stacked Stuff

Monday 08.20.12

I like stacks of stuff. No matter what or where.

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Wednesday 08.15.12

Two completely unrelated photographs of exteriors. Except, of course, for the lovely script.

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Travel Soap

Tuesday 08.14.12

Some folks save postcards. Many keep a diary. And yet others save hotel soap. Found at Tin Can Trading Post, one of my favorite thrift/antique shops in Callicoon. The proprietor, Sal Siggia, kindly let me borrow these. I find it so charming that whoever saved these, decided to write on the back of several of the soaps so that they would remember where they were from.

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Furnace Nozzles

Monday 08.13.12

It’s not at all an overstatement to say that great inspiration is to be found in a hardware store. Case in point: this sensational Monarch Furnace Nozzle display. I’ve been admiring this thing for months, if not longer. And the very kind peeps over at Callicoon Supply took the time to remove it from the shelf when asked if I could photograph it. Although there were a couple of raised eyebrows and a mild amount of teasing (Joanne and Howard!). However, I felt vindicated when a customer saw what I was doing and said that he was surprised at how one could see something forever, and yet not really look at it or appreciate it until someone else took the time to view it differently.

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