New Studio

Wednesday 02.29.12

Here’s a little peek into my new studio — the reading corner. I finally set up some bookshelves, as well as a chair and a lamp that I kidnapped from our place in Brooklyn. I hooked up an old stereo and, truly, I could not be happier!! It’s going to take awhile for all this to sink in.

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More Mints

Tuesday 02.28.12

Clearly I have a problem — Just taking stock of my recent postings and realize that 80 percent of them relate to sugar in some form or another. However, these Icelandic and Danish candies are all about the packaging, not about the eating.

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Friday 02.24.12

More buried treasure unearthed in move. Two nearly identical rulers found at the now defunct Grand Street flea market way way back when. Happy designer.

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Blades of Cape Town

Thursday 02.23.12

The best presents are the kind that betray one person’s deep understanding of another. My friend David gets me. And when it comes to gifts, he’s spot on. He’s clearly been paying attention all these years to who I am and what makes me happy. Anyway, David recently came back from an extended trip to South Africa, and the other day he presented me with an envelope containing these Sawzall blades. I think he said that he found them on the street in Cape town. Just sitting there. Who wouldn’t want them? I mean really, they are practically new for crying out loud. Well, I love them. The patina, the use, the fact that he just found them by the side of the road. All of it. Thanks Dave.

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Finally Found Them. The Mints.

Wednesday 02.22.12

I looked high and low for these candies. I got this crazy fixation and, like a terrier, couldn’t let it go until I found them. Vichy Mints have been around since 1828. And yes, they are made from the famous thermal waters in Vichy, France…with the addition of sugar and peppermint. Please don’t let whatever association you have with the Vichy Government during WWII cloud your vision or desire for these lovely confections. It’s rumored that eating eight of these mints a day is the equivalent to a course of treatment at the spa there.

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Visual Relief

Tuesday 02.21.12

Hello, back to it after a week-long break so as to get things in order.

So, I unearthed this lovely tray in the unpacking process. I like its plainness. And its age. In general I find enamelware irresistible. Something about its cheapness, but ultimate durability, that gets me every time. This company makes enameled kitchenware, but it’s still not available here in the US. Dang it.

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Gosh, How True.

Friday 02.17.12

Just a little random thought for a Friday afternoon. From the back page of an odd little brochure from favorite librarian Sue. Sorry for the radio silence. Been unpacking and setting up new studio!! Will be back online next week.

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