Again with the Swedes

Saturday 02.12.11

Sandra Juto is a Swedish artist/designer who, with her husband, recently moved to Berlin. She also happens to be a talented photographer who manages to capture the intimacy of their lives without seeming self-absorbed. The little trees pictured above are some of her paper creations. They have a weird, fairy-tale quality, and I just can’t stop looking at them.

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Data Viz

Monday 02.07.11

This came to me, or should I say, I came to it, via swissmiss and her must-read blog. The good and talented people over at Pop Chart Lab came up with this chart entitled The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools (click on their link to go to the site and magnify the image). Never ever has there been seen a better taxonomy of kitchen tools.

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No E, Just a U.

Wednesday 02.02.11

I was in France not that long ago, and this is what I brought home. Well, I did escort some chocolate and caramels back to NY, but those are long since gone. And they were gifts anyway.

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