Happy Feet

Monday 01.31.11

The past few years have been super crappy for me when it comes to footwear. I inherited a smallish bunion on my right foot (thanks Dad!) which makes it increasingly difficult to find a comfortable, much less stylish pair of soles (high heels are completely out of the question). Add to that the fact that I resent spending money on something that is built to fall apart within a few months, or even years. My standard for buying anything these days is: Will I like this not just a year from now, but 10 years from now? And, more to the point: Will it last? My new shoes met this challenge on every level!

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Hello Again…

Friday 01.28.11

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. I haven’t had much of the blog spirit of late. Maybe the holidays took it out of me. My thinking is “Why force it?” if I’m not feeling the love. But now I am. Anyway, my mother FOUND this silver spoon at an estate sale in Maine. She did not have it engraved for me! It was just like this when she bought it. Incidentally, my middle initial is A. How weird is that? I used it last night at dinner and today at lunch to slurp up my soup. And I realized that it is probably the best spoon I’ve ever used. It also makes me feel extra special.

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