Anatomy Of A Sandwich

Wednesday 11.24.10

In keeping with the recent spate of food-related posts: There really isn’t much here that needs explaining. Scanwiches has detailed our national obsession with anything and everything between two slices of bread.

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Warning, Variety Meats

Thursday 11.18.10

Here is another re-post from the folks at weetstraw via feastingneverstops. Images originally from Time Life’s 1982 book entitled Variety Meats. Either you’re with me on this one or you’re against me. A little personal back story

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How To (sort of) Draw An Animal

Tuesday 11.16.10

Another terrific blog discovery yesterday: WEETSTRAW!! Animals are actually strange to draw because their anatomy makes less sense than one would expect. So for a fledgling attempt, this method may indeed work.

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Monday 11.15.10

Okay, so I spent half the morning (well, actually, most of the morning) absorbed in this wacky blog called Feasting Never Stops. It’s the apotheosis of food meets design. These pictures are from the Smithsonian Institution collection, and all of the images are of the vittles sent along on the original Apollo Space Mission, or subsequent outer-galactic adventures. Tasty.

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William Doxford & Sons

Friday 11.12.10

These pictures are from the Doxford Engine Works, taken between 1957 and 1958. WIlliam Doxford & Sons was an English shipbuilder going back as far as the later part of the 19th century. The factory floor is massive and seemingly either green or brown. Not to mention that with so many men milling about (literally), somewhat unfamiliar to our modern sensibility.

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A Small Remedy

Friday 11.05.10

I thought this might be an effective (albeit temporary) palliative for some of the recurrent pain that accompanied today’s reading of the news. Notice, no baby elephants.

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Is This Where We Are Headed?

Thursday 11.04.10

Well is it? Gosh, I hope not. Found this telling bit of typographic excellence at one of my favorite blogs, Friends of Type. I think we have Erik Marinovich to thank for this, but it’s a little hard to tell where the credit lies. It could also be from Uppercase, which is another much-loved site and magazine. Who knows. And in truth, I’m a little despondent right now, so I’ll leave it up to you to find out.

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