Small Residence

Wednesday 09.15.10

Found this picture on Lena Sjoberg’s blog. I do believe that I could happily live in this chicken coop. It’s definitely the nicest one I’ve seen. Once again, leave it to the Swedes.

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Pencil Perfection

Tuesday 09.14.10

I was having dinner at the home of some friends the other night and found the need to jot something down. My friend Pete (or maybe it was his wife Sue) handed me a pencil that was perfectly sharpened and a joy with which to write. It got me thinking about the pencils to which I am addicted — the Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602s. Soft and smooth! Here I go again, the perfect tool for the job. Sadly, the Blackwings were taken out of production back in 1998. They have recently been re-introduced to somewhat mixed reviews. I know, I know…a lot of time and breath expended on what is, after all, just a pencil. But just consider the product tag line printed on the originals: Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed. How could anyone resist that?

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More Many

Friday 09.10.10

Thought I would throw up a few more images from my rapidly expanding collection of things found and documented…together.

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The Rest of Him?

Friday 09.03.10

To my complete delight, my husband found this teeny little claw in the grass. It even has bits of fur left in spots. To whom does this appendage belong? And where-oh-where is the rest of him?

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No Ordinary Basket

Wednesday 09.01.10

This basket is traditionally known as a Nantucket Lightship Basket. This particular specimen was made by my stepfather, Howard G. Jones, who was an industrial designer and model maker, and the inspiration behind much of what I do today. He could make anything — for Sea & Ski, he modeled the first “Girl Watcher” sunglasses, and for GM he lent his talent towards designing the Futurama exhibition for the 1939-1940 World’s Fair. He even turned wooden buttons during the Great Depression. At the age of 75 or so he decided that he wanted to start making baskets. Baskets…really? This is one stunning example of his endeavor. This “the one egger”, is part of a larger nest, something like the baskets featured in this link. He made every element himself…from ripping the cane, to tooling the little hinges to turning the wood bottom. Hats off to you Mr. Jones.

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