Friday 07.30.10

I am a complete sucker for things that appear in multiples. And it turns out that many of my photographs chronicle this little obsession. Stay tuned for more.

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Hej Hej Sweden!

Wednesday 07.28.10

I love Swedish Fish (pastellfiskar), but am moderate in my intake. However, not so with this Swedish Lip Balm. I’m told that “hudsalva forsvarets” literally means military skin cream. The packaging is austere and promises nothing other than what it is. One can purchase it online from Follow these directions for ordering, unless you’re lucky enough to be able to read Swedish.

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Science Lesson

Tuesday 07.27.10

Manhattan’s Chinatown is chock full of food and vivid street life. But it’s also a bastion of oddities and small treasures. These instructional rubber acupuncture models are part of that trove. Rounding out the selection of teaching aids is a cow, a horse, a dog, a miniature foot, human figures (both male and female), as well as a smaller ear and more. You can purchase any of these online here. Or, better yet, get yourself downtown and have a person-to-person transaction at my favorite Chinatown pharmacy, the Lin Sister Herb Shop at #4 Bowery.

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Friday Folding

Friday 07.23.10

My plastic bags were a crumpled mess before my friend Keiko taught me how to fold them properly. Life is somehow a little better now knowing that my bags are all in little triangles. Thank you Keiko.

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Not For Young Viewers

Thursday 07.22.10

I was more than a little surprised when I inked up these antique French stamps. I was fully unaware of the anatomical detail prior to purchase. Furthermore, what in heaven’s name were these used for?

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Introducing Aunt Barbara

Wednesday 07.21.10

I have never been so pleased with a product endorsement as I am with Aunt Barbara’s pitch for my designs. Who knew.

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A Little Self-Promotion

Wednesday 07.21.10

I was hired by Tupperware to solve the lid/body problem. You all know of what I speak. So far all my lids and bodies remain coupled. And what’s even better is that these babies are guaranteed to last a lifetime. I know plastic is a dirty word to some, but really — a lifetime of use — how much more sustainable can you get? Buy them here if you dare.

Photography by Kimberly Holcombe.

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